Every month Solemen highlight 5 “Solebuddies” to sponsorship based on their individual needed.


Solemen performs a distinct role in discovering individuals and families with health needs that are not being met by government mandated services. Whilst there is currently no formal referral system between agencies such as Banjars, Puskesmas, hospitals and Solemen, well-meaning individuals within the agencies tend to make an unofficial call for help. This will change with Solemen establishing formal relationships and implementing a referral system.


The Solemen Outreach Team visits the referred household to interview and assess the potential SoleBuddy and the family members, gaining as much information on the case as possible. The information is sent to Solemen HQ for further assessment and a support plan is devised, including a pathway for solutions.


Pathways include referrals to external services such as medical services or hospitals, or to allied services such as other charitable organisations.

Solemen accompanies all SoleBuddies throughout their support plan, including providing transport where required. Periodic follow up ensures referred services are provided and SoleBuddies experience the best possible outcome.


Juni Artini is 8 years old and lives in a very dilapidated house in Karangasem with her parents and one younger sister. She has been

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Dewi is an 8-year-old little girl suffering from Hydrocephalus and dwarfism She underwent successful surgery to insert a shunt and is now monitored every 3 months.

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