Board Members

Ibu Ari Cahyanti
Pembina Yayasan
Strong advocate for children’s education and women’s empowerment.
Jero Mangku Made Ariawan
Jero Mangku Made Ariawan is a well respected politician and Hindu priest in Bali. He is extremely passionate about supporting and protecting Balinese culture and it’s people.
Robert Epstone
Non-conformist UK fashion entrepreneur with a skill and love of networking. 1999 – 2009 lived and worked in Shanghai before “retiring” to Bali. Throughout his life, a workaholic and passionate humanitarian. During the last eleven years has worked, like Sarah, without income since coming to Bali. Established the Solemen health foundation caring for now approaching 3,000 people affected by a variety of physically and psychosocial health conditions.
Sarah Chapman
Sarah Chapman
Head of Outreach
Sarah is a UK qualified nurse with 28-years experience working in NHS hospitals. Sarah co-founded the Outreach programme at Solemen in 2012.
Tamara Bleszynski
Solemen Ambassador
Since 2015 iconic actress and model, Tamara has  donated time, love and energy. She regularly visits our Solebuddies in their homes, at our Care and Recovery Centre or in hospital.
Dr Gusti Rai
Solemen Ambassador and Medical Advisor
Is an experienced and modern thinking Balinese psychiatrist who  also  founded Rumah Berdaya, a day centre for people living with schizophrenia. He assesses, treats and monitors all Solemen’s mental health Solebuddies.
Yuli Utomo
Solemen Ambassador and Legal Advisor
A well known and highly respected Indonesian lawyer who has an office in Denpasar. He assists Solemen with any legal requirements.
Yulia Mallo
Solemen Ambassador Secretary
Assists Solemen with administration.

Outreach team

Komang Yuvi Astika
Deputy Outreach Team Leader
Yupi is Solemen’s longest serving member staff and is Sarah’s deputy.
Ayu Wirmayanti
Outreach Team Coordinator
Ayu organises and coordinates all Outreach activities.
I Gede Sumartama (Gede)
Outreach Team
Gede is Solemen’s Qualified nurse
I Made Dedi Murniawan
Outreach Team
Dedi is focusing on mental health patients.
I Dika Puji Triono
Outreach Team
Dika accompanies patients at the hospital. He is also the team handyman responsible for simple repairs at the centre or Solebuddies homes.
I Sang Gede Susanta (Dode)
Outreach Team
Dode accompanies patients at the hospital
Kadek Numina
Outreach Team and Patient Transport
Kadek is responsible for transporting the Solebuddies from their homes to clinics or hospital appointments

Care & Recovery Centre team

Kadek Kariani (Tina)
Responsible for maintaining high-standard at all times at Recovery Care Centre to ensure that all Solemen’s patients needs met.
I Made Widiasmini (Ibu Jero)
Housekeeping and cook
Prepare nutritionally balance meals ,  often in access of 100 meals per day with individual dietary needs catered full
Rani Nonon Kaniwa (Raka)
Housekeeping & Courier

Admin team

Agustine Waas
Finance & Legal Administrator
Merchandise Manager
Dyah Satriyanti
PA Robert Epstone
Chitra Belinda
Grant & Projects Manager
I Gede Meidana

marketing & strategy