May-June 2020 Newsletter

Dear Solemen Supporter,
Now that the year 2020 has drawn to a close, we are looking forward to better times and wishing the same for you. Although the past year truly lived up to its global annus horribilis reputation we nevertheless remain hopeful and confident that better times are ahead. It seems that nothing could get worse than the past year. Our funding dried up early in the year as we suffered the downturn in the economy along with our kind sponsors whose businesses depend on a robust hospitality industry. Nevertheless we did our best with scant resources to help where it was most needed, namely feeding the many starving individuals and families in the worst stricken parts of Bali. We could never have done this without the help of the many Solemen friends who donated generously to the food bins at our partner supermarkets and food outlets. Many of our other projects regretfully had to languish because keeping people alive became our number one priority. 
 We thank you for your help and hope we can rely on your continued support. Without you we cannot continue our work.

Read on to see how you can make a difference

Solebuddies waiting for a kind sponsor


Twenty-year old Arini lives in Singaraja with her very impoverished family. She is a first year nursing student at Singaraja University and is performing well. Arini needs a helping hand with tuition so she can complete her degree and start earning money to support her family. The Solemen Outreach team is planning to employ her as a member of the team when she graduates.

Sponsorship needed for school fees IDR 12 m per semester

Baby Agung Eka
 is just 11 months old and is afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, pneumonia, meningitis and tracheomalacia, a rare and congenital condition causing the walls of the windpipe to collapse. His parents are very poor and they live in a run-down one-room place.

Sponsorship needed for food parcel IDR 800k, Nappies and milk IDR 800k


is an 8-year-old little girl suffering from Hydrocephalus and dwarfism She underwent successful surgery to insert a shunt and is now monitored every 3 months. She has started school recently and met two fellow dwarves which provided much-needed reassurance that she is not alone.

Sponsorship needed for school fees IDR 3.5 m per year

Made Rendra
 is a 3-year-old toddler living in Gianyar. The Solemen team met him as a tiny baby and found he was suffering from the very rare genetic skin disorder Harlequins Ichthyosis. Made was assessed and is now monitored by paediatricians, dermatologists, and therapists.  Solemen provides his vital creams and washes.

Sponsorship needed for food parcel IDR 800k,  Pediasure 2 tins IDR 600k, QV wash, QV cream

Juni Artini
is 8 years old and lives in a very dilapidated house in Karangasem with her parents and one younger sister. She has been assessed and is being monitored by Paediatric cardiac surgeons.

Sponsorship needed for milk IDR 600k and food parcel IDR 800k

Iluh Muliyani

is 18 and wants to be a teacher. She dreams of continuing her education at university.  Her family is very poor and cannot afford the school fees.

Sponsorship needed for school fees IDR 3 m per year

Sponsor a Solebuddy Today


Bali Support Initiative selects Solemen as one of its featured organizations.

Bali Support is a centralized fundraising platform focused on providing environmental, humanitarian, and immediate relief aid for the people of Bali. They use professional fundraising videos and an extensive outreach strategy to raise awareness and funnel donations to charitable projects in Bali.

MAMAKA by Ovolo becomes a Solemen supporter.

Mamaka is a new beachfront resort in Kuta which opened in November and are offering exclusive introductory rates.  We are very grateful for this opportunity as we lost almost all of our funding from the hospitality industry due to the pandemic. Visit for more information and to make a booking.

A Silent auction raises AUD 3200 for Solemen

Longtime supporters Kate and Antonio Villano held a ‘Silent Auction’ in November at their show to benefit Solemen. The highest bidder and runner up won a private 2 hour performance with Antonio & Kate. Proceeds will support our food distribution project to malnourished people and our mental health programme.  Words of thanks are inadequate to express our gratitude for so much generosity.

Canggu Station is joining our team of partner stores

Thanks to Pak Halim at Canggu Station another food donation bin is inviting customers to buy an extra item or more to donate to Solemen’s food distribution project.  Food shortages are continuing across Bali, particularly in the more remote areas of the island and these bins help provide much needed food.

Bridges honours Solemen founder Robert

As part of Bridges’ 10th anniversary celebration, Solemen founder Robert and wife Shelley were honoured with a special brunch.  We want to thank  Claude Chouinard, Amyn Tajani and all Bridges outstanding staff as well as  the inimitable and legendary John Daniels for such a warm tribute.



We are constantly in need of the following items:  Melolin, Mepitac, QV Cream & Lotion, Sudocream, Colostomy Bags, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E Cream. 

Donations of clothing for men, women, children, and babies are always appreciated. Please see our list of Donation Drop Points.

Many of our families are unable to afford even the most basic food necessities and are severely malnourished. Provide a basic food parcel to these families monthly. Nobody should endure hunger.

Sponsor a Food Parcel

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