Love in the Time of Covid

Do you remember the famous novel Love in the Time of Cholera by Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez? It’s a story of love and passion situated in the time of a cholera outbreak. The novel is uplifting as it portrays the victory of love over hardships, betrayals and the threat of a horrific epidemic. It resonates today as the world grapples with the events of the current Covid pandemic. Love and passion are sometimes the only weapons we have to combat the negativity engendered by these horrendous times. Love and passion is what motivates and sustains us each day when we send out the Solemen Outreach team to bring food, medicines, care and love to our many Solebuddies who are terribly affected by the turn of events. Even though we are forced to drastically curtail our activities due to lack of funding, sponsorships and donations, we still try to bring help where we can. The Solemen Food Drive continues thanks to our many supermarket partners and their compassionate customers who donate freely to our food collection bins. It’s all because of them, and you, our faithful supporters, that we can continue this crucial project. We thank each and every one of you for your help and hope you can continue to sustain our project.

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