Twenty-year old Arini lives in Singaraja with her very impoverished family. She is a first year nursing student at Singaraja University and is performing well. Arini needs a helping hand with tuition so she can complete her degree and start earning money to support her family. The Solemen Outreach team is planning to employ her as a member of the team when she graduates. Sponsorship needed for school fees IDR 12 m per semester
Sponsor Arini

Baby Agung Eka

is just 11 months old and is afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, pneumonia, meningitis and tracheomalacia, a rare and congenital condition causing the walls of the windpipe to collapse. His parents are very poor and they live in a run-down one-room place. Sponsorship needed for food parcel IDR 800k, Nappies and milk IDR 800k
Sponsor Baby Agung Eka


is an 8-year-old little girl suffering from Hydrocephalus and dwarfism She underwent successful surgery to insert a shunt and is now monitored every 3 months. She has started school recently and met two fellow dwarves which provided much-needed reassurance that she is not alone. Sponsorship needed for school fees IDR 3.5 m per year
Sponsor Dewi

Juni Artini

is 8 years old and lives in a very dilapidated house in Karangasem with her parents and one younger sister. She has been assessed and is being monitored by Paediatric cardiac surgeons. Sponsorship needed for milk IDR 600k and food parcel IDR 800k
Sponsor Juni Artini

Made Rendra

is a 3-year-old toddler living in Gianyar. The Solemen team met him as a tiny baby and found he was suffering from the very rare genetic skin disorder Harlequins Ichthyosis. Made was assessed and is now monitored by paediatricians, dermatologists, and therapists.  Solemen provides his vital creams and washes. Sponsorship needed for food parcel IDR 800k,  Pediasure 2 tins IDR 600k, QV wash, QV cream
Sponsor Made Rendra

Iluh Muliyani

is 18 and wants to be a teacher. She dreams of continuing her education at university.  Her family is very poor and cannot afford the school fees. Sponsorship needed for school fees IDR 3 m per year
Sponsor Iluh Miyantika


Solemen performs a distinct role in discovering individuals and families with health needs that are not being met by government mandated services. Whilst there is currently no formal referral system between agencies such as Banjars, Puskesmas, hospitals and Solemen, well-meaning individuals within the agencies tend to make an unofficial call for help. This will change with Solemen establishing formal
relationships and implementing a referral system.

The Solemen Outreach Team visits the referred household to interview and assess the potential SoleBuddy and the family members, gaining as much information on the case as possible. The information is sent to Solemen HQ for further assessment and a support plan is devised, including a pathway for solutions.

Pathways include referrals to external services such as medical services or hospitals, or to allied services such as other charitable organisations.

Solemen accompanies all SoleBuddies throughout their support plan, including providing transport where required. Periodic follow up ensures referred services are provided and SoleBuddies experience the best possible outcome.


Gadis kecil berumur 3 tahun dari Karangasem yang lahir dengan Spina Bifida. Lestari sudah menjalani operasi secara sukses, sekarang sudah bahagia, sehat serta berkembang dengan

Ibu Suani

Ibu Suani berusia 61 tahun dan menderita kanker payudara stadium 4. Ketika kami pertama kali bertemu dengan Ibu Suani dia melakukan perjalanan 8 jam pulang


Arini adalah seorang wanita muda berusia 20 tahun yang tinggal di Singaraja bersama keluarganya yang sangat miskin. Dia adalah seorang mahasiswa perawat di tahun pertamanya

Komang Werdika

Seorang laki-laki berusia 37 yang tinggal di Singaraja. Ketika kami bertemu dengannya, dia dibelenggu karena sikapnya yang sangat agresif  disebabkan oleh penyakit mental yang tidak


Gadis kecil berumur 3 tahun tinggal di Karangasem. Pertama kali kami bertemu dengan Saras ketika masih bayi dengan perut yang sangt buncit karena tumor jinak.

Vast Majority Children
Vast Majority of those under our care are children
Compassion can be a Great Healer
Mental Health Issue
His only crime is Living with a Mental Health Issue


Yayasan Solemen Indonesia


Solemen assists people living with Disabilities, Mental Health Disorders and Acute or Chronic Illnesses and their families throughout Bali. Solemen assess and address immediate challenges. We develop a sustainable plan based on individual family needs. We engage with local communities for their support to optimise outcomes.


Solemen believes that:

  • Every Life matters.
  • Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life free of pain and restraints.
  • Everyone can contribute
  • Communities are stronger when everyone is included and in unity.
  • Family and friends are the most enduring support a person can have.
  • Basic Human Rights and Equality must be respected.
  • Positive social perception of ‘Solebuddies’ will be demonstrated at all times.
  • Everyone’s opinion is valued.
  • Cultural and religious beliefs must be respected at all times.
  • Dignity matters.