Few tourists are aware that Bali has a staggering poverty rate, and malnutrition in children and malnutrition in elderly further increases an individual’s risk of naturally developing general poor health or chronic diseases. 50% live on less than $2 a day

Now Covid has decimated the Bali economy.  Many people in Bali are under unprecedented financial pressure and have had to sell off much of what they own simply put food on the table to feed their families.

Now, many have lost everything and are literally starving.

Solemen Indonesia as for the last 11 years has brought hope and changed lives amongst the most needy in Bali.

In their hour of need, Robert and his team of Solemates have pledged to assist as many as possible but are now having to turn away hungry families every day.

Outreach director Sarah Chapman says it breaks her heart to see stunted and hungry children during outreach visits. ‘I wish we could feed them all, but we just can’t. It’s not just the kids; we’re seeing evidence of starvation amongst the elderly.’

Your donation helps

  • To buy nutritious food parcels for malnourished children and malnourished adults
  • To buy medicine for our mental health patients who are frequently locked up by their families due to aggressive or uncontrollable behaviour

  • To keep our Outreach team on the road

Finns Bali are proud of their long standing relationship with Solemen and its passionate founder, miracle man, Robert Epstone.  They have pledged to help Robert, Sarah, and the crew at Solemen by donating IDR 1 billion ($88,000.00 AUD) per year to help Solemen, but we can’t do that alone.

How you can help

This month, we are running the Bali Hunger Relief Campaign ( We aim to raise $20,000 to feed families who literally have nothing.

We ask humbly, please donate now – and support the people of Bali.

$35 per week (around a cup of coffee per day) would end hunger for an entire family

You can, right now, make a huge difference.

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