Few tourists are aware that Bali has a staggering poverty rate, and malnutrition in children and malnutrition in elderly further increases an individual’s risk of naturally developing general poor health or chronic diseases. 50% live on less than $2 a day

Now Covid has decimated the Bali economy.  Many people in Bali are under unprecedented financial pressure and have had to sell off much of what they own simply put food on the table to feed their families.

Now, many have lost everything and are literally starving.

Solemen Indonesia as for the last 11 years has brought hope and changed lives amongst the most needy in Bali.

In their hour of need, Robert and his team of Solemates have pledged to assist as many as possible but are now having to turn away hungry families every day.

Outreach director Sarah Chapman says it breaks her heart to see stunted and hungry children during outreach visits. ‘I wish we could feed them all, but we just can’t. It’s not just the kids; we’re seeing evidence of starvation amongst the elderly.’

Your donation helps

  • To buy nutritious food parcels for malnourished children and malnourished adults
  • To buy medicine for our mental health patients who are frequently locked up by their families due to aggressive or uncontrollable behaviour

  • To keep our Outreach team on the road

Finns Bali are proud of their long standing relationship with Solemen and its passionate founder, miracle man, Robert Epstone.  They have pledged to help Robert, Sarah, and the crew at Solemen by donating IDR 1 billion ($88,000.00 AUD) per year to help Solemen, but we can’t do that alone.

How you can help

This month, we are running the Bali Hunger Relief Campaign ( We aim to raise $20,000 to feed families who literally have nothing.

We ask humbly, please donate now – and support the people of Bali.

$35 per week (around a cup of coffee per day) would end hunger for an entire family

You can, right now, make a huge difference.

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Solemen Webinar on Tuesday, 03 Nov. 2020

solemen giving back

Established in 2010, Solemen Indonesia (Yayasan Solemen Indonesia) has, since its inception, been at the forefront of supporting Bali’s poorest and most disadvantaged society members. 


Fulfilling the vision of its founder UK’s Robert Epstone, Solemen has tirelessly sought out the Island’s forgotten people who have fallen through the gaping cracks of Indonesia’s social safety net. With a growing team of dedicated volunteers, Epstone and Solemen’s Outreach Team led by Sarah Chapman, a nurse for 28 years, this team “wades-in” to provide life-saving and life-changing assistance to hundreds of people afflicted with grave illnesses, disabilities, and living in abject poverty.

Unfailingly fearless and forthright, Solemen seeks support in their work from both the public and private sectors. Volunteer doctors, supported by salaried nurses and care-staff, daily address acute and chronic illness, malnutrition, and extreme poverty wherever they are encountered. 

webinar november_3_2020_2pm

Working with donations from Finns Beach Club as their flagship supporter, supplemented by hotels and private citizens, the Solemen Crew confront situations that would deter and defeat other caregivers. Wherever they go, Solemen affects transformative change in the lives of so many living in Bali. As a result, disabled persons originally found sprawled, hungry, and naked on dirt floors receive medical care, wheelchairs, clothing, food, and housing support. Solemen’s programs for the mentally ill undertakes assessment, provides medication, rehabilitates, and reintegrates those who may have primitively chained and caged by families unable to provide alternative solutions.


“Solemen” derives its name from Robert Epstone’s to express desire “to be in solidarity with all those who don’t have a choice to wear or not wear shoes.” He did this by remaining barefoot until Solemen raised US$1 million in charitable funds


In addition to Finn’s Beach Club, Solemen funds its outreach work through private and corporate donations, and via partnerships with small businesses and social organizations in Bali, Australia, and the UK. The current unprecedented economic recession caused by the global pandemic has reduced by 90% the source of donations that have funded Solemen’s good works over the past decade

Solemen’s fast-acting Outreach Team of volunteer doctors, salaried nurses, and therapists shoulder an ever-growing caseload of ‘Solebuddies’ – people under the organization’s care.

Experienced at working on a shoestring budget, Solemen has never turned anyone away in genuine need of assistance.   To continue their monumental work on behalf of the community, Solemen is seeking new sources of financial support.

An Invitation to Attend a Special Webinar

Solemen invites concerned individuals, both in Indonesia and abroad, to join a Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, 03 November 2020, on Zoom at 2:00 pm Singapore and Bali Time (GMT +8 Hours) or 1:00 pm Jakarta time.

The virtual online meeting will share details of the many projects currently operated by Solemen and present their 5-year-plan for continued support by private donors and CSR funding.

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Love in the Time of Covid

Do you remember the famous novel Love in the Time of Cholera by Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez? It’s a story of love and passion situated in the time of a cholera outbreak. The novel is uplifting as it portrays the victory of love over hardships, betrayals and the threat of a horrific epidemic. It resonates today as the world grapples with the events of the current Covid pandemic. Love and passion are sometimes the only weapons we have to combat the negativity engendered by these horrendous times. Love and passion is what motivates and sustains us each day when we send out the Solemen Outreach team to bring food, medicines, care and love to our many Solebuddies who are terribly affected by the turn of events. Even though we are forced to drastically curtail our activities due to lack of funding, sponsorships and donations, we still try to bring help where we can. The Solemen Food Drive continues thanks to our many supermarket partners and their compassionate customers who donate freely to our food collection bins. It’s all because of them, and you, our faithful supporters, that we can continue this crucial project. We thank each and every one of you for your help and hope you can continue to sustain our project.


Funday for the Solebuddies at Hard Rock Hotel Kuta

HardRock Hotel Kuta is one of Solemen’s biggest sponsors. With their multiple pools and fun arears, the hotel is perfect for families who want their kids to enjoy a lot of activities, games and entertainment. It is of course also the perfect hotel for musiclovers. That is why one’s a year Solemen celebrate their ‘Funday’ at Hard Rock Hotel Kuta. It is a day full of fun for the young Solebuddies. This year on Friday 22 of November Hard Rock Hotel organized a great day full of waterfun by the pool, delicious food, games and a band for some music

The young Solebuddies of all ages have a great time playing in the pool. They laugh, play and seem to live totally in the moment. That’s what the Solemen’s Funday is for. It’s for our Solebuddies to have some pure fun and forget about their diseases. On this day their diseases do not count for a moment. At least, that’s what Solemen wants to achieve on the Funday.


A close look into the projects of Solemen

Bali is known for its beautiful landscapes and great ambiance, but behind the beauty of this  paradise is a side that few get to witness. Mental health is a problem globally. In most developed countries there is a lot of knowledge about the care and rehabilitation that goes into caring for those who suffer. This is not the case in Bali. In developed countries there are specialist programmes to assist people suffering from enduring mental health issues.  Although the mental health care is slowly getting better, there is still a lot that has to change. In Indonesia, programmes are still being developed, but sadly people often spend their lives in chains or cages. Solemen has a psychologist on hand who travels with the Outreach team to assess the SoleBuddies, and provide them with an accurate diagnosis, as well as the vital healthcare they need to maintain stable wellbeing. Here you can read the personal stories of these people, and have a close look at Solemen’s projects.