Management Team

Ibu Ari Cahyanti
Pembina Yayasan
Jero Mangku Made Ariawan
Jero Mangku Made Ariawan is a well respected politician and Hindu priest in Bali. He is extremely passionate about supporting and protecting Balinese culture and it’s people.
Robert Epstone
British Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Robert co-founded of Yayasan Solemen Indonesia alongside Beat Schmidt de Gruneck. Robert is a past ‘Rotarian of the Year’ who is now passionately focussed along with his team of dedicated humanitarians to facilitate sustainable development in the Community across the whole of Bali.
Sarah Chapman
Head of Outreach
Sarah is a UK qualified nurse with 28-years experience working in NHS hospitals. Sarah co-founded the Outreach programme at Solemen in 2012.
Adeline Ong
Head of Finance & Operations
Adeline has been volunteering with Solemen since 2014. As one of the Head of Divisions of the charity, she together with founders Robert and Sarah make up the management and executive office of the organisation.
Gavin Cole
After moving out of the corporate world, Gavin has found he now has the time and opportunity to give back to the Indonesian Community. He is passionate and committed to the Solemen cause and the opportunity to change lives for the better. Gavin enjoys communicating The Solemen story, networking with people and assisting with creating sustainable fundraising
Yuli Utomo

Legal & Ambassador

Tamara Blezsynki

Indonesian actress and model, has been generously donating her time, energy and much needed supplies to Solemen’s ‘Solebuddies’ since 2015. The support from her and her followers has been invaluable to Solemen.

Beat Schmidt de Gruneck

Beat Schmidt de Gruneck, once a Swiss Merchant Marine and a passionate sailor. In 2011 he co-founded Solemen with Robert Epstone and together completed their first 535km barefoot walk around Bali to raise awareness for the disadvantaged in Bali.


Komang Yuvi Astika
Deputy Outreach Team Leaders
Yuvi is trained therapist, responsible for conducting assessments, care planning and follow up
Ayu Wirmayanti
Outreach Team Coordinator
Ayu organises and coordinates all Outreach activities.

I Made Dede Murniawan

Outreach team focusing on mental health
Dedi is an assistant to Sarah focusing on mental health patients.
I Dika Puji Triono
Outreach Team
Outreach Team based at Sanglah, Handyman Based at sanglah, also a tukang for general repairs
I Sang Gede Susanta
Outreach Team
Is focusing on general health patients and children.
I Gede Sumartama
Outreach Team Nurse
Qualified nurse based in Sanglah/mental health patients.
Dr. Rai
Phchiatrist (Volunteer)
Assesses, treats and monitors all our mental health solebuddies on a voluntary basis
Dr. Nova Aulia
Doctor General
Visit our patients at home to monitor them on voluntary basis.
Kadek Numina
Outreach team & Patient transport
Responsible for transporting our solebuddies from their homes to clinics or hospital appointments
Ibu Jero
Housekeeping Solecentre
Kadek Kariani
Housekeeping Solecentre
Tina is responsible for the cleanliness, catering and smooth running of the our Care & Recovery Centre. She cooks nutritious food for our Care & recovery Centre and the Sanglah hospitals patients
Kadek Dana
Live in Caretaker solecentre


Agustine Waas
Finance Administrator
Is responsible for finance department and legal affairs
Merchandise Manager
Is responsible for all merchandise sales
Chatarina Nita Octavia

PA Robert Epstone

Ilham Effendy