Our Story

Ani - where it all started

After two decades in the UK and Japanese fashion industry, Solemen’s Founder, Robert Epstone, following ten years in Shanghai arrived in Bali in 2009 intending to relax in retirement. After being involved in a 15-month project building wells in East Sumba for the Rotary Club of Bali Seminyak, he made the decision to start his own NGO and give back to the island he has chosen to retire in.

Robert pledged to go barefoot until he had raised $1 million for his foundation (a milestone reached several years ago), and Yayasan Solemen Indonesia was born.

In 2011 he completed his first barefoot walk of 535km around Bali, stopping at various villages to conduct workshops and medical health checks where most of the villages had never seen a doctor. His second barefoot walk in 2012 saw him operated on a school desk for a serious foot injury and ended with Robert completing the walk despite being on crutches. What initially was a decision driven by empathy for those who couldn’t afford to wear shoes, became a way to establish credibility for himself as someone with integrity, as an honest, reliable, and passionate person people could trust to lead a charity.

Meeting ‘Angel’ Sarah Chapman was a real turning point for Solemen. Kadek Ani, eight years old and six kilos, fortuitously brought Robert and Sarah together. Sarah, a retired nurse with 28 years of nursing experience in the UK, had been riding on the back of a motorbike 6 hours a day, 3 days a week, to visit Ani who was severely malnourished with multiple health issues. Robert reached out after reading her story on Facebook and together, they made sure that Ani received the care and medical attention she needed until she sadly died a few months after meeting her. Her legacy continues as the catalyst inspiring the birth of Solemen’s Outreach programme.

Sarah and Robert have since been passionate, and tireless volunteers dedicating their lives to the people of Bali, and putting smiles on the faces of those most in need.

What we do

Founded in 2011, Yayasan Solemen Indonesia is a non-profit health organisation who has gained a growing reputation as one of the most respected and reputable NGOs in Bali.

Solemen’s driving passion is to alleviate the suffering of so many in Bali through community outreach, medical intervention, food aid, education, and when needed disaster response. Solemen’s activities benefit the sick, the poor, the disabled, and the marginalised in Bali.

Solemen change the lives of people of all ages and all religions throughout Bali by bringing hope and sustainable solutions to those unable to access healthcare.

Solemen are now looking after the daily needs of approaching three thousand “Solebuddies”, their affectionate term for those under their care. They have a talented board of directors, dedicated managers, and an outstanding team of outreach and administrative staff. Their overheads are well known to be kept at an absolute minimum.

Compassion is the basis of their holistic work . It carries them through some truly heart wrenching experiences.

Solemen are constantly looking for donations, not just in monetary terms, but also food, clothing, mobility/disability aids, sponsors and more. Please review the wish list to view what is currently needed. Solemen hopes that you can help them help the Solebuddies as well as enjoy the beautiful island that is Bali.

  • Recognised as one of Bali’s most respected and trusted charities
  • Established in 2011 by founder, Robert Epstone
  • Solemen mission is to continue to Change Lives in Bali
  • Any person suffering from a physical, or mental disability
  • Caring for approaching 3,000 “Solebuddies” Solemen’s affectionate term for patients.
  • Solemen assist the most marginalised in Bali
  • Solemen partner other selected Yayasans

Operating Expenses


  • Housing
  • Food
  • Grocery
  • Nutritional Milk
  • Transport
  • Recovery & Assessment
  • Medical
  • Administration

Annual Operating Expenses

IDR : 4.6 Billion

AUD (Approx) $450,000



Corporate Sponsorship
Individual donation