A close look into the projects of Solemen

Bali is known for its beautiful landscapes and great ambiance, but behind the beauty of this  paradise is a side that few get to witness. Mental health is a problem globally. In most developed countries there is a lot of knowledge about the care and rehabilitation that goes into caring for those who suffer. This is not the case in Bali. In developed countries there are specialist programmes to assist people suffering from enduring mental health issues.  Although the mental health care is slowly getting better, there is still a lot that has to change. In Indonesia, programmes are still being developed, but sadly people often spend their lives in chains or cages. Solemen has a psychologist on hand who travels with the Outreach team to assess the SoleBuddies, and provide them with an accurate diagnosis, as well as the vital healthcare they need to maintain stable wellbeing. Here you can read the personal stories of these people, and have a close look at Solemen’s projects.

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