Meet our Solebuddies

helping the disadvantaged in Bali

  • Dede Henyana

    Age: 15 Condition: Unable to see or hear, unable to respond The poor boy fell, hit his head and has never recovered since then.

  • Gede Agus

    Age: 5 Condition: Cerebral Palsy Unfortunately, Gede’s Father has the ability to only travel short distances on their single family scooter which makes it hard for the entire family to go out and about.

  • Gina

    Age: 11 Condition: Hydrocephalus Gina has an enlarged head – suspected Hydrocephalus and while she’s able to see, hear and rollover, she tends to smile brightly spontaneously and can’t grip onto objects or coordinate transfering from hand to handrelated.

  • Komang Rangga

    Age: 8 Condition: Undiagnosed Unfortunately, Komang’s mother contracted the Rubella virus while she was pregnant and there hasn’t been any previous diagnosis whether Komang’s disabilities are related.

  • Luh Sriani

    Age: 2,5 Condition: Delayed development Little Luh suffers from delayed development. She has no strength in her muscles which stops her from having the ability to sit or roll on her own.

  • Mohammed

    Age: 32 Condition: Paranoid Schizophrenia Mohammed became very aggressive believing his sister was a snake and tried to kill her.

  • Ni Komang Meniasih

    Age: 8 Condition: Undiagnosed This sweet little girl doesn’t have a strong memory however she’s able to copy letters and enjoys coloring and watching television

  • Ni Wayan Nusari

    Age: 4 Condition: Undiagnosed Wayan becomes frustrated because she’s unable to walk independently and feels out of place as her sister is learning and simply wants to be able to do the same thing.

  • Rafly Ramadani

    Age: 15 Condition: Undiagnosed, unable to sit, unable to speak Rafly has been disabled since birth and has been having fits for which he receives no medication.

  • Samsia

    Age: 8 Condition: Undiagnosed Little Sia has regular fits. She’s unable to stand on her own and only has usage of her right hand.

  • Gede

    Age: – Condition: Hearing Problems Gede is profoundly deaf. He has never been able to hear with any clarity, which has made his childhood so far very difficult.

  • Kadek

    Age: 9 Condition: Suffers developmental delay due to Hydrocephalus (Water on the brain) Kadek is a 9 year old little boy suffering from a global developmental delay due to Hydrocephalus and is very small for his age

  • Made

    Age: 41 Condition: Stage IV Cancer with little support Meet Made (Mar-day) a 41 year old Balinese man suffering from Stage IV Cancer.

  • Mery

    Age: 2 month Condition: Hydroclephalus (Suspected) Mery has suspected Hydrocephalus (Water on the brain) which she is currently undergoing a medical assessment and CT scans

  • Putu

    Age: 11 Condition: Behavioral Problems Putu often presents challenging behaviour and aggressive outbursts due to a currently undiagnosed health problem that is also affecting everyone around him.

  • Agus

    Age: – Condition: Harlequins Ichtyosis The brother and sister suffer from Harlequins Ichtyosis – a condition that causes their skin to go hard and cracked.

  • Akbar Rohmadani

    Age: 9 Condition: Cerebral Palsy Akbar quite often has to be hospitalized due to his recurring seizures on top of his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy

  • Ayu

    Age: – Condition: Cerebral Palsy With Cerebral Palsy, Ayu struggles with mobility. She has restricted movement, slowed development and is unable to speak or walk properly.

  • Azdkia

    Age: 3 month Condition: Serious heart condition and Down Syndrome The 3 month old baby girl is in critical condition after being diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

  • Cale Ari Putri

    Age: 18 month Condition: Trisomy (Suspected) Cale Ari Putri is an 18 month old girl who has similar features to Down Syndrome (Trisomy) but no firm diagnosis as yet